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Thursday, October 01 2009
How many times have you raced down the road of a new relationship to end up a wreck?

Keep It Under 80 and Watch Out for the Other Guy

The best relationship advice I ever received was meant to be a joke, not advice especially about relationships.  Every time we said goodbye, a friend of mine would say, "Keep it under 80 and watch out for the other guy."

Isn't that great advice for a new relationship?  Keep it under 80.  Don't move in with someone after a month.  Go slow.  Watch out for curves in the journey.  Stay in your lane.

Watch out for the other guy.  This relates to the post about the orange barrels in relationships that warn of rough road ahead.  When love hits like a steam roller, common sense flies out the window.   Even in marriage or other long-term relationships, the road can be rocky during times of constructive growth.

Take a deep breath.  Slow down.  Know yourself and take the time to know the other guy.

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