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Friday, July 18 2014

Do you have a pain in the butt?  It could be piriformis syndrome.

The piriformis muscle is a flat, band-like muscle located in the buttock near the top of the hip.  It's involved in almost every motion of the leg and hip.  Although Web MD says it's uncommon, I see it frequently.  When the piriformis muscle gets tight it presses against the sciatic nerve and can cause pain in the buttocks and down into the leg.  I've had piriformis syndrome.  I was in pain for about two years while sitting whether in a chair or driving in a car.  Driving was the worst.  It was so painful that I would sit on something to numb the nerve and make it bearable.

Massage does help by releasing trigger points in the area of the piriformis.  My technique involves massaging the hamstrings and glutes and then applying pressure to the piriformis and moving the leg to ask the muscle to release.  One of my clients laughs and says, "My physical therapist charges extra for this and you do it for free!"  I also discuss some self-help techniques such as rotating the foot and upper leg inward, sitting up straight with tightened abs . . .

As for the mind/body reason for piriformis, I knew that I developed it because I hated the driving.  I would make a 2 hour round-trip drive 1-3 times a day.   I had to give up that resistance.  At other times, it's that old cliche - someone is a "pain in the butt".   You'd be surprised how many times I've asked a client, "Is something or somebody a 'pain in the butt'?" And the client immediately responds with a resounding "yes!" which opens the door to new perceptions of that relationship and freedom from pain.

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