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$50 - 30 Mins. Massage Session

$80 - 60 Mins. Massage Session

$125 - 90 Mins. Massage Session

$150 - Cacao Session, 90 minutes of one-on-one life coaching, massage therapy and energy healing while sipping warm ceremonial cacao to open up your heart chakra.


$199 - Neck, Back & Shoulder Package

  • 3 - 30 Mins. massages focused on your arms, shoulders, neck and upper back.
  • 1 - 60 Mins. massage

3 Packs - Save 10%
$135 - 30 Mins. Massage (Save $15, Reg. $150)
$215 - 60 Mins. Massage (Save $24, Reg. $240)
$325 - 90 Mins. Massage (Save $50, Reg. $375)

6 Packs - Save 20%
$240 - 30 Mins. Massage (Save $60, Reg. $300)
$400 - 60 Mins. Massage (Save $80, Reg. $480)
$625 - 90 Mins. Massage (Save $125, Reg. $750)

Mayan Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Feel your heart chakra open and your energy renew when sipping Mayan ceremonial grade cacao imported from Guatemala by Keith's Cacao.  Cacao is a super food in and of itself but combine it with massage and energy work and you'll experience a deeper healing.  Invidual cacao sessions involve sipping a cup of freshly brewed cacao imbued with intentions set just for your personal healing.  After the cacao has begun to work its magic, you will also receive bodywork and energy work combined with personal spiritual coaching to lead you into your deepest potential of healing.

Add Cacao + $10 to any one session

CACAO CEREMONY, Special Introductory Price $200.00
. . . for up to 8 persons.  Invite 7 of your friends to experience the magic of a personalized cacao ceremony.  Mayan ceremonial grade cacao is brewed with hot water, Cinnamon, ginger and other spices while being gently imbued with the love and light of healing intentions for your group.  Sip warm cacao while learning the story of how cacao came to us on Oahu.  The healing power of cacao will open up your heart chakra for a deeper healing.  

$25 for each additional person over 8.  Perfect for a girls' night gathering.

 Pixie's Blog 
Monday, January 18 2010

People say, "The joy is in the journey," but they rarely understand what they are saying. You are in this focused time/space reality with goals and objectives that call you because as you identify a desire it literally summons life through you. Life summoning through you is what it's all about --it's not the completion of anything.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Chicago, IL on Sunday, November 1st, 1998 #323

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

Saturday, January 16 2010
The Courage to Change

After a long period of disharmony and sleepless nights, I heard a small voice in my mind say, "Pixie, what would you say to a client?  What would you do if you weren't afraid?"

My truth was, "I would go."

As my heart was breaking on the 3rd day of traveling, I received this message from Tut - Notes from the Universe:

"Thanks, Pixie, for every single time you've fallen in love.  Whether or not it was obvious.  Whether or not it lasted.  And, whether or not you were loved back.  It changed everything."

So here I am over 2000 miles from the farm that I loved, friends, family, . . . Dharma and I arrived last night.  Last night was the first time I've slept more than 4 hours in months.  Within 24 hours of being on the road, my neck, back & shoulders stopped hurting.

My husband & I are friendlier to each other now that we're apart.  Yesterday I meditated on what I could do to be unconditionally loving in this situation.  By the end of the day, the voice said "The most loving thing you can do for you and for him is to let go absolutely."

When I stay focused and don't make up stories, assess blame, and find freedom from judgment & criticism, my truth is that I want to be here in Washington State.  Maybe all the events from the moment that became my intention to now were synchronistic leading to this manifestation.  Viewing everything from that perspective, there is no blame.

Last night after we arrived, Dharma was introduced to her new friends.  She loves Michele and warmed up to Jim quickly after he allowed her to lick his plate.  Michele's cat, Tasha, isn't too crazy about Dharma but we're hopeful that she'll adapt.

Living in Accordance with Dharma

Jim did the loveliest thing.  He looked up the meaning of Dharma and found this on Wikipedia:

". . . an Indian spiritual and religious term that means one's righteous duty, or any virtuous path.[1][2] A Hindu's dharma is affected by a person's age, class, occupation, and gender.[3] In Indian languages it can be equivalent simply to
religion, depending on context. The word dharma translates as that which upholds or supports, and is generally translated into English as law. . . . beings that live in accordance with Dharma proceed more quickly toward . . .  nirvana . . . "

We all laughed and went on a riff about how we all had to live in accordance with Dharma by giving her scraps, playing with her, letting her lick the plate so we would reach nirvana quickly.

Crystal Lake

Dharma & I went outside and reviewed the boundaries of her yard and took photos to share this experience with you.  She played along the beach in front of the house and explored the dock.  We played tag joyfully.  For a moment, I stopped to bend down and hug her neck.  Tears welled up in my eyes as my heart swelled with a mixture of joy and sadness.

Dharma is at home wherever I am.  I am at home in the Universe.
Wednesday, January 06 2010
Are you holding onto the past so tightly that you cannot move into your now? 

The Universe loves symbolism.  It loves when we stand with our arms open wide to embrace all the goodness it has to offer.  It love when we smile, when we clean our closets . . .

Today I symbolically burned some old legal documents.  Relics from my past evidencing an time of extreme unmanageability.  The documents included custody battles, visitation battles, divorce decrees (yes, decreeS), and restraining orders.  The time has past when I need them to prove my innocence or use then to manipulate another person's behavior. 

As I watched them burn in the fire, a huge sense of freedom came over me.  All that seemed so important then to fight about in court seems trivial and nonsensical today.  Today I stand free of the past.

What are you holding on to that you could symbolically let go?  A hurtful letter or email?  A voicemail full of criticism that you listen to over an over again?  Would today be a good day to be free of the past?
Wednesday, January 06 2010

"The Universe does not know if the vibration you are offering is because of what you are imagining, or because of what you are observing. In either case, it is responding. Emotion is your guidance or your response to your vibration. Your emotion does not create. Emotion is your indicator of what you are already creating. As you think, you vibrate. And it is your vibrational offering that equals your point of attraction. So, what you are thinking and what is coming back to you is always a vibrational match. The emotion (your Guidance System) is telling you what's coming."

--- Abraham

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