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     Are you feeling dissatisfied, restless?  Do you think there should be something more to life than what you're getting.  Watch The Shift with Dr. Wayne Dyer.  You may find the answers you need.
I finished Brene Brown's book, The Gifts of Imperfection.  My mind is still swirling a bit but I've launched into her book, I Thought It was Just Me, last night.  I didn't get past the Acknowledgments.  What stopped me was this:

" . . . I could not have done this without the love, support and courage of my husband, Steve.  I was absolutely sustained by his faith in my ability, his respect for my work . . . "

It reminds me of the awe I felt when I saw the movie, Julie & Julia, and I could see Paul Child's love for Julia Child.  It was palpable.  I didn't believe it could be true.  That is not my story.  It is now my desire.  Maybe I'll recognize it when I see it and run the other way when I don't.

  I'm reading this book now because Brene Brown's video on YouTube from TEDx Houston on Shame and Vulnerability that threw me into a crucible of self-searching and the flames of healing one more time.  I was so excited about the information that Brene provides that I immediately shared it on Facebook and posted it on my website blog. 

I also shared it with a friend who is a Ph.D. psychologist because I needed to discuss what I was hearing from Brene.  My friend had not watched the video by the time I called.  I said, "Please watch the video because I need to talk about it."  Later when I tried to contact my friend again to talk about Brene's work, my friends admitted that she had watched 2 hours of videos and had ordered Brene's two books also.

Please pay attention.  I think this important.  I know it's important to the healing work that I must do and I think it may help you too.
Come take a walk with me through The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield.  It's not an easy read.  It will take time and thought, things that are often lost in our ADD society with its fast, constant stream of information.

Look for blog posts, thoughts, and my experience with the concepts discussed in this book.  Feel free to post your comments and experiences.
Just the introduction of this book is meaningful to me.  Imagine what the rest of the book is like!

This is an easy read by Paulo Coelho who tells the story of a sheperd, Santiago, who follows his dream.  In the introduction, Coelho tells the story of my life and perhaps yours as he reminds us that we all have a dream, a personal legend.  Then he outlines the four obstacles to pursuing our dream:

  1. We're told it's impossible.
  2. Love.
  3. Fear of making mistakes. 
  4. Fear of success and worthiness.
Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom 
This is a must read for every woman who cares about her body and health.  I loved it and still use it as a reference.
Don't Bring It to Work 
I think other people have talked about the childhood patterns we bring into the office with us, but you may enjoy the simple examples and solutions outlined in this book.
Trust Agents 
I'm not a social media marketer but if I was, I would want to be like Chris Brogan.

Sacred Contracts 
I've owned it for five years and still haven't finished it because I find it wordy and overwritten.  What is useful in this book is the list of archetypes in the back of the book.  It helped me identify many archetypes that were active in my life.
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